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Turner Engineering, Inc. is an Arizona corporation providing professional Civil Engineering services to our clients in Flagstaff and throughout Arizona
TEI provides services ranging from site selection analysis to project design and construction management to commercial, industrial and residential developers as well as government agencies. TEI can prepare detailed development feasibility reports which study and present findings regarding current zoning and zoning change procedures, 404 permitting, floodplain delineations, CLOMR's and LOMR's, on-site and off-site utility analysis, and estimates of probable development costs. After site selection is accomplished, TEI prepares plans for grading, paving, water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer construction, designed to meet the local jurisdictional standards.
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Located in the culturally, environmentally and geologically diverse community of Flagstaff, Arizona, TEI has 24 years of experience in developing sites with unique and sensitive design challenges.
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Turner Engineering, Inc.